Crossing William


Crossing William III, War of the Flesh is now completed!

It will be edited soon, and hopefully available in the next three to four weeks....

     Crossing William III, War of the Flesh will end the trilogy but is a bit deceiving. This book goes back a thousand years before the birth of Christ to tell you the story of how Balal came to be, and why he is so powerful. King Solomon has passed on but his evil son, Rahoboam, has taken the thrown. The only thing keeping the new King from uncontested control is the ex-lover of his father, The Queen of Sheba, and her son by the dead king, Menelik. He sends his servant, Balal, to confront Sheba, and retrieve the Ring of Power. He learns too late Sheba is much more cunning than ever dreamed, finding himself lost in his own quest for power.

     You learn about the Loa of Hoodoo and the one picked to keep Balal in check, Lakota. His story begins with tribal hunters of Africa. As a boy, he is driven from the tribe because of his power of which they have no idea of the source. Because of the fear he brings out in the tribe, he is forced to leave. The years leading into adulthood find him alone, traveling north, until an angel comes. Phanuel teaches him about the awesome power he has been given. This power gives him an unnaturally long life, much like the profits of old. At over four hundred years of age he comes to the Gulf Coast from the Islands to end the demons reign of terror. He is human, but has been given power like no other because of the task he must complete. The Loa have power like angels, but are bone and flesh humans.

     The Loa will need all of this power to take down the entity as he has taken over the flesh of William, making him even more dangerous than before. As you thumb through the pages of Crossing William III, try to keep from being deceived in what the Man in Black is trying to achieve. As you know, demons are liars, and kings of deception. So is it with the story you are about to read. Trust nothing and keep your mind open for the truth hidden in the text, it will make itself known, no matter how disturbing the truth may be……..

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Crossing William is a Horror/Fantasy fiction novel set in Southeastern Alabama that focuses on the life of a boy. He is born into a world that holds no pity for him. William’s life is one of suffering as he is cursed from birth by his mother's attempt to protect his life. Using her knowledge of Hoodoo, she provided protection from an abusive father by forcing an entity to watch over the boy. The path he follows is one not easy to understand as Crossing William takes you through the events of his life. This work is filled with a mixture of local folklore and color unique to rural areas of Southeast Alabama and Chattahoochee River Valley.


Crossing William II, The Gathering

Southern Alabama Hauntings

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Crossing William:

       I chose the title Crossing William for my book because of the Hoodoo entrenched in the storyline. “Crossing” is a term used in the practice that literally means to curse or to hex a person. William, in this story, is without a doubt cursed! His life is one of sorrow that can only end one way.......badly!


      Crossing William is the first of a trilogy that will be followed by Crossing William II, The Gathering sometime around September. Crossing William III, War of the Flesh will be published not long after the first of 2014. Part II is being edited at this time with Part III still going through some final adjustments. Thanks to everyone so far that has purchased a copy of Crossing William and I hope you’re ready for the next one. 



 Crossing William II, The Gathering


            William is down and out as Balal has had his way with the one he was forced to protect. Amy’s attempt to save her son condemned him to a fate worse than death. Lynda lost her mind and continues to exist with only her shell remaining. The only one to get his way from the events of the book was Balal who continues to feed on the souls of men.

            Continue with me as I show you the path of evil conjured up by an entity of unbelievable power. Balal has set in motion a plan he thinks will bring him the strength to unseat the master of his domain. Satan has faltered, leading his next in command to believe he can rule the underworld in his stead. The Man in Black will have to defeat the Hoodoo masters of this age to complete his plans of domination.

            While the years have passed, Jimmy, Lynda’s brother is serving in the Navy Seals and in Iraq fighting during Desert Storm. Cynthia has taken to caring for her cousin, William, tortured in the idea she failed him.

            Balal begins to try and gather physical concerns, or objects of power, used by conjurers to wield the power of Hoodoo. Only one thing stands in his way, The Gathering. With time running short the strongest of the conjurers, Clayford Ray, calls the children of hoodoo together to fight off the one that seeks their power.

            The end of this book will leave you starving for more as the entity fights to bring about his desired end. Nothing can prepare you for the last chapter that will take your breath and bring you to this one conclusion, “This can’t be the way this story ends!” You will feel lost and deceived as the story unfolds into a web of unbelief.

            Can you handle the twists and turns that hide in the pages of this work? Find out by preparing yourself for the next volume of the trilogy by reading Crossing William II, The Gathering. See if your patience can survive the wait for Part III, War of the Flesh. Can Balal be stopped, or will the fabric of time be split by the evil growing with each turn of the page? That will be the treasure waiting at the end of the trilogy of Crossing William, if you dare.


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Southern Alabama Hauntings

Check it out:

     Southern Alabama Hauntings has gone on sale on and Kindle. If you're interested in local haunts, this book is for you. Try it free for a month if you're an Amazon Prime customer. You can also share the book with family and friends for free with a purchase on Kindle. Get ready, Crossing William III, The War of the Flesh is almost ready. 


The St. James Hotel in Selma, Alabama. Dark Entity Paranormal will be hunting this location soon...........

The USS Forrestal CV-59

In New York

It was an honor to serve on this great ship from July 4th of 1986 to November 15th of 1990


I love America but would love to visit haunts overseas. Our history is limited with the newness of our land compared to the extended past of Europe. Check out this location for sale in Italy that is one location I’d love to visit!

So sad to see him go...Leonard Nimoy has been – and always shall be – The Best of Star Trek

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Velvet Elvis

Started another book the other day. It will be a comedy/fiction about a drug addict that believes the image in his Velvet Elvis has come to life. The image informs him he is Elvis...... Reincarnated! Going to have a blast writing this one

    The St. James Hotel

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Scotty and Ashlee at the St. James Hotel