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Kenneth W. Allen


Age: 55

Home: Lanett, Alabama

Education: BA in Anthropology

Served in the United States Navy

on the USS Forrestal CV-59




Jennifer Allen Orrick

A Little About Me

     There’s not much to know about me. I’m probably the most boring individual on earth. I began life in a small town supported by the cotton mill industry. Langdale, Alabama was where I took my first breath but moved during my teen years when my Father received a promotion running us to the mountains of North Carolina. Being a less than average student forced me to take a different path than college, sending me into the military at seventeen.

     The next four years taught me what the word “Navy” was an acronym of representing the statement, “Never Again Volunteer Yourself!” My time there wasn’t terrible taking me all over the world as I visited such places as Egypt, Israel, Italy, and France, to name a few. Being an Intelligence Specialist kept me from manual labor, spending my time analyzing information. My career in the navy ended on the 16th of November with an honorable discharge on my Mother’s birthday.

     My next two years are a blur, with alcohol consumption being my primary ambition until marriage found me in 1992. It was then I learned a man is not complete until bound in matrimony to a woman… then he’s FINISHED! That endeavor ended disastrously in 1996 with me returning to my marathon alcohol adventure.

     Moving past the 20th Century found me yearning for more than living in a bottle. I began working towards finding the funds to attend college and make something of myself. In 2003 I started working on my first degree finishing a BA in Anthropology in 2006. I then went on to complete a second in History Education in 2008. During the next year, I began working on completing a master’s when my Mother became extremely ill. Her being sick prompted me to postpone my education to return home and help care for her while dealing with this ailment.

     During my time at home, I took a job working as a Communications Officer at our local 911. This job gave me time to begin working on publishing work I had created over the years, just writing for entertainment. Never had I ever thought of publishing what I had created until being talked into doing so by friends.

     Not long after publishing several books, the illness Mom had been fighting for so long took her away from us in February of 2016. I then stayed with my Father to fulfill the promise I made to her shortly before passing. I now live with Dad and continue to work with 911 locally. Several more books have been published by me with more to come as I write when paranormal research allows.

I Believe

I've had a hard time with the "About Me" page of my website. I first posted a generic Bio that only spoke of milestones revealing nothing about myself. You know, the safe and distant approach. After looking over my page, I decided to change this and give an accurate bio that tells people who I truly am in real life.

I believe that Jim Carrey is the funniest man alive, with Richard Prior being the most entertaining that ever lived! Young women are nice to look at, but an older woman will bring you to a new concept of passion. Marriage is modern slavery, while monogamy is a must in any relationship. There is nothing more sensual than a kiss causing you to forget where you are while a woman's perfume bringing back a memory of a past love is intoxicating.

My greatest achievement in life was serving my country in the United States Navy. Graduating from Auburn University would have to be a close second. My third greatest achievement was learning how to bring a woman to orgasm without using "State of the Art" equipment. I believe that growing up is a tragedy while growing older is poetic. Knowledge is power, while education doesn't make you intelligent. I think we have more to fear than fear itself, and anyone that says different has never had a pistol pointed at their head.

Anyone claiming to be a Republican or Democrat should be shot on sight! I feel that smokers are discriminated against more than any other group in America while the act is the most disgusting thing you can do in public, besides mastication. Twerking is disgusting, and I will always turn the channel… soon as the video ends. Christina Applegate is the ex-wife of my dreams and the most beautiful woman ever to walk the earth. Fast food is awful, except for KFC, the Whopper, and…..oh yeah, a Wendy's Triple with fries.

I believe General Motors builds a better vehicle than Ford Motor Company. My home is only twelve miles from a "Kia" plant, and I'd push my Trans Am around before driving one of the vehicles built at that location. Sitting in a Corvette causes your penis to grow two inches. Used car salesmen go straight to hell while new car salesmen have to say fifty thousand, "Hail Mary's," to make it to the Promised Land. Churches are a waste of time, while having faith is a complete necessity in life. All going to church does is keep you away from some significant sporting events. If you want to learn about faith and religion, read the Bible, and Pray!

I believe that everyone should own a weapon while taking a life should always be a "last resort" in any situation. I feel that everyone should be held accountable for their weapons. If you allow your weapons to fall into incapable hands, you should stand in judgment in the weapons usage. Anyone that trusts the government should sit down and talk to a Native American about their past.

I believe you can be utterly lonely while never being alone. I'm always at my most lonesome in a crowd of people. If someone tells you they know how you feel, they're lying and don't know anything about you. I hate being lonely, but I really don't like being in groups. People who ask me if I have the "Mondays," never know how close they come to getting vomited on after asking. Suicide is never painless while living is always full of pain. Suffering is not a bad thing in life unless a child is doing it, then it's a crime.

I believe that I was put on this earth for a reason with no clue of what purpose such a person would have been created. Growing up in Alabama, I didn't realize the National Anthem wasn't, "Sweet Home Alabama," until after moving to North Carolina at twelve years old. I would rather have my privates slammed in a door jamb than live in the State of Georgia and firmly believe if you live in Atlanta, you're a Yankee, not that this is a bad thing! Only the bravest of people eat fish pulled from the Chattahoochee River with it being as polluted as it is now days. I call West Point Lake, "Atlanta's Septic Tank!"

I believe out of all the things I do in life, writing is the one thing I've done with any true meaning. There was nothing like the first time I held a book authored by myself, written from cover to cover by me. Crossing William will always have a special place in my heart, even after publishing more works over the years. If only one person kicks back after reading it with the feeling of having been touched, or changed in some way, my life will have been for something other than just to live.

I believe that Ghost Hunting is a very honorable way to spend your time. The beliefs I hold about the Paranormal are my own, and fuel the desire for me to hunt for the evidence of things unexplained. Doing this is very personal, and all that do this are the same. They may have different beliefs but are searching for the same reason. The motivation is a desire to learn! You can have the firmest resentment of those that research the Paranormal, but still have to admit one thing. There are things that occur daily in life that can't be explained. For me, it's that picture of the shadow figure; the reflection of a person that isn't there, or the voice on a recording that was not produced by someone in the room.

I believe that public toilets are portholes to hell! I would rather move my bowels while standing in line at the grocery store than use the bacteria infested, feces incrusted caves of defecation offered up by public locations across the land. My brother calls me, "Mr. Shit at Will," because I will force myself to use the bathroom before leaving the house to avoid having to go in a public toilet.

I believe that I've pretty much spoken of everything I believe, except for the fact that I believe my mother is the most intelligent human on earth! Thank you for taking the time to read all of this and hope you enjoyed doing so, as it is a long rambling of a troubled individual! If you disagree with me in what I've written, just remember, I served in the Military to protect the right of you to believe any way you see fit, so feel confident in your disagreement. I'd have it no other way……..

Thank you so very much.....

Kenneth W. Allen,

The graves of Pat Garrett's parents in the Cusseta, Al cemetery.


Collection Room Visitor


      The first two pictures of five taken in the room where I store my Haunted Collection on April the 11th of 2019. The pictures were taken with a motion activated still camera at around 10:59 AM that morning with the home vacant. The alarm was set with it not being triggered that day. Me and my father were eating lunch at this time over thirty miles away. No one could have been in the home with a motion camera on our DVR system just outside this door. We had been hearing whispers coming from this room along with other unexplained noises prompting me to set up the camera.


Feb of 2019

Picture taken by a friend with a motion camera in his home after noticing strange activity.

The Beast Within


Kenneth W. Allen

      Deep inside my mind lives the voice of insanity, screaming, ever screaming to be released from the bondage of my soul. Though I fight to stay the beast, it pushes against my efforts to make itself known. It is my words, yes, it is that of which I write that eases the pressure from within. Without this sacrifice, this offering to the beast, it would overtake me in the night. My nocturnal thoughts bring him out in the darkness as my mind fights to control what cannot be controlled. For now, this sustains the darkness and holds the evil at bay. For now, this will have to suffice.

Picture taken by a freind

This was taken at the Carnival across the road from the old Lanett Mill in Lanett, Al on todays date 11/12/2014. They took a picture of the car as it was in motion and checked the pic out later to find a shadow figure joining the ride. Check out the railing between the shadow and the car. The railing is unaffected by the shadow while the car is blocked. Great PIc!

A picture from another friend taken by her granddaughter while playing with her cell phone. No one was near her at the time the pic was taken. So, who's hand is that over her head? I think she's ready to move after seeing this.

   This picture was taken while on vacation in Western North Carolina by one of my co-workers. The flames look like someone, on fire, walking away from the camera. Great Pic!

Update: Thanks to friends with Go Dark Paranormal Investigations out of Burnsville, NC, this location has been identified as Cades Cove, TN, instead of being North Carolina. Thank you, Big Time, to Robert Glenn Effler and Lisa Hensley from that group for taking the time to search for this info! Now we need to head that way for a Ghost Hunt!

Haunted Alabama

The Chambers County Courthouse

The Chambers County Courthouse in Lafayette, Alabama. DEP (Dark Entity Paranormal) has conducted several Ghost Hunts at this location. We love going here because of the amount of activity reported at the location. It never fails to produce each and every time we visit. If you’re ever in the area, take some time to walk the halls of this building. Go up to the old court room, take a seat in the front row of the room and just listen for a while,

I Dare You!

Face in the window:

This picture was taken during our last ghost hunt at the Chambers County Courthouse. That was a pretty sporty night! October 31 of 2016. We always seem to end up hunting there on Halloween Night!


Statue in the center fountain

St. James Hotel, Selma, Al.


Wasting Away

An old home in Chambers County, Alabama, located in an area known locally as, "Frog Eye." Many homes in the county stand empty, like this one, each once well used. They are now abandoned and left to decay on their own.


"To Live is to Die"

To live is to die,

This fact is for sure

No matter what you try

Death you will endure.

It creeps upon us

A little each day,

Piercing our flesh

To the point of decay.

Slowly we perish

From the passage of time,

Lest the Grim Reaper

Be cheated of his prize.

The pain grows stronger

As his sickle penetrates

The flesh we hold dear

The beast will not abate.

If it is your desire

To cheat your way out of death,

My hat is off to you, fellow,

You will prove yourself best

As many have tried

None have succeeded.

So good luck to you Sir

You will be defeated.


I love my SEEK Thermal camera. Check out the clouds picked up from so far away.


The Butterfly

The sight of a butterfly in the distance was a most beautiful vision. Each beat of the wings gave a wave of color as they gently moved through the air. This brought the insect closer and closer revealing a secret of the winged creature. The body of the butterfly became more apparent with proximity as it flew towards me. Most only see the wings much like a clown at the circus, drawing ones attention from the ugliness beneath the colors.

Stepping closer to the insect, I took the body of the butterfly between my thumb and index finger to inspect the creature. Lifting it to my face, the truth of the bug became apparent to my curious eyes. The hideousness of this thing was shocking as I pulled the first wing from its thorax. My mind seemed numb while removing the second to find the insect beneath more disgusting than the shiniest cockroach.

I had discovered the truth beneath the wings. This was natures masking of a demon in that this insect fed on the dead and feces. Rotting flesh nourished the colorful foliage covering the beast beneath. Maybe all of nature is this way, beauty masking the evil of this world. The Mantella frogs of Madagascar are beautiful, but deadly if eaten.

The insect between the flesh of my fingers died quickly as it couldn’t survive without the magnesium in its wings. Not only did the beauty cover the truth beneath, it sustained the creature that so repulsed me. From that point on I became suspicious of beauty of every form. Beneath all beauty lies the dormant evil of nature just below the covering canopy. Always peal back the colorful layers to discover the true nature of what you see. Do this and never be deceived……

Thermal Image:

Taken at a cemetery in Five Points,



The St. James Hotel in Selma, Alabama.


The pic is a bit dark but you can make out the image of a man standing in the hallway in the reflection. Ashlee took this pic while I was in the bathroom. We were the only ones in the halls at that time. Ms. Ashlee always gets a great picture when we hunt!

Mercedes Benz

Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz

my friends all drive porches I must make amends

worked hard all my lifetime no help from my friends

so oh lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz 


Coming soon

My Grandfather on the left, James Clark Mullennix, back in the day. He was runnin Moonshine back when runnin shine wasn't cool! His nick name was, "Buster," a name he earned because of his enjoyment of fighting. He was quick to, "Bust," some ass when required! I have a book based on his life almost completed named after him.


F-14 launch USS 

Forrestal CV-59

This video was taken of my grand-niece many years ago. She is Fifteen now.

She's now a beautiful young woman!

And still takes joy in slapping me...

Check out this website if your in the market for Ghost Hunting gear. These guys research and modify their gear and Guarantee what they sale. I've started buying from these guys and have been really satisfied with my purchases. Check them out!

Say Hello to Trigger

Trigger is a 1985 Pontiac Trans Am I purchased just after my 16th birthday the same year. This vehicle is still owned by me and has never been in another persons possession since bringing her home on June 6th of 1985 with only six miles on the odometer. I've put over 300,000 miles on her in thirty years of ownership. The engine had to be replaced along with the transmission and rear end gear in 2006 just prior to rolling over 300,000 miles. I wonder, when I pass, if a little of me will remain with this car because of how much it has meant to me over the years. I received my first kiss in this car, lost my virginity in her, and drank my first beer leaned against her fender. I can only believe that something of my soul will stay behind with her, no matter where I go in the future.

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