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Photo taken from a doorbell cam at a residence in the City of Valley, Alabama. Video from the same camera did not show the deer image.

Taken in June of 2021

Mini Rempod falling from a shelf in my Haunted Collection room on 6-19-2021. No one in the room at the time


Just playing around in my collection room

and decided to ask what was in the room to

appear as an orb... and it did.



Video from the first floor of Langdale Elementary School. This is one of the locations in my book, "Southern Alabama Hauntings" and was a pretty good hunt. I will finish going over the video and audio in a couple of more days. Until then, enjoy this video of the orb crossing the right top of the screen at around 32 seconds into the shot. At the very end, you'll notice something in the right bottom of the screen moving into, then out of view.

My Paranormal Collection Room

Video taken on 1-20-2020 around 0300hrs of a voice coming over the Spirit Box. It sounds like a little girl saying my name. It's in the first couple of seconds of the video.

This second video from the same night is three minutes long and taken about an hour after my name being called. You can hear right at one minute and thirty seconds in loud popping inside the collection room, followed by the sound of something hitting the inside of the porcelain jar that sits at the bottom left of the screen. According to the individual who sent me this item, it contains a demon secured in the jar by a follower of Anton LaVey in late 1969.


Video of an abandoned home near where I live. The residence has been vacant for over fifteen years and is in terrible shape. This is a shame considering how nice this place once was!

My, "Paranormal Collection."

Mouth piece used during shock treatment in a mental hospital to keep patients from swallowing their tongue during the process. You can see the marks in the metal from repeated use.


One of my favorite items collected over the years. This is the hat worn by David Ogden Stiers in the final episode season 9, "The Life You Save." It has the bullet hole in the back of the cap that Major Winchester finds causing him to question life after death. Being my favorite episode makes this a very special prize!

The Pendulum arrived after a long trip from France now hanging in its new home in my Paranormal Collection.

I had first decided to store this item outside my home but have since changed my mind. It will stay with my full collection regardless of attached activity.

Silver Pendulum


Another addition to my collection, Cocoa. She is a handmade Annie doll and chair from the early 20th century.

Antique Gold Frame Glasses

Say, “Hello,” to my new friend from West Africa. This mask was made in the Congo area between 200 and 900 AD. It has Sin Eater in Latin, Peccatum Comedenti, carved into the wood on the inside. The Latin tells me it was once a part of someone’s collection, or had been in a museum of some sort previously. Help me welcome this historic piece to my Paranormal Collection.

Coins found in the Dybbuk Box.

Video of the EMF meter going wide open over the Bracelet.


march 20th 2021

Nelly and Nadine in the birthing chair

I keep finding Nadine moved lower in the chair than Nelly. I've set up two time lapse cameras, one of which is full spectrum, to try and see what is happining with the doll moving over time. The motion is too slow to be picked up by the security camera in the room.

Ghost Hunt on 2-28-2020

EMF wide open in the cemetery at Shannon's Primitive Baptist Church.

Cusseta Road Cemetery Ghost Hunt

August the 20th of 2016

Aug 20, 2016

Cusseta, Alabama

Mist in the Cemetery

No one was smoking and it was around 95 degrees. 


Ghost Hunt at Nadine's House

Oakwood Cemetery

Halloween Night 2017

I've only gone through about one third of the video so far and have found some interesting activity. Ms. Sarah was sitting on the front porch when the Halloween decoration began to move behind her. I'll post that clip and anything else we picked up as soon as I finish going over all the audio and video from the night. Check back this weekend!

More evidence found!

November 4th, 2017


Found another interesting section of video of movement inside the Doll House during our hunt. Still working on going over evidence at this time. Please check back for more updates and video soon.

August 11th of 2018:

Thermal Images of


Took these at a private residence over just a few minute period. She got a little hot kinda fast!

Double Hill Road Ghost Hunt on July 27 of 2019

Ghost hunt on Double Hill Road went well last weekend. Not much on video or pictures as far as evidence. We did have interesting EMF readings of which seemed to show something following us when we moved from one location to another. We would begin to have EMF spikes where we were standing. When this would happen, we would move to another location. The EMF meter would stop sounding off until we stopped. After sitting at a new location for a few moments, the meter would start sounding off again. It was pretty interesting to have this happen several times while we were investigating. This is a thermal shot pointed back toward U S Highway 29.

Face in the floor

Found this face in a video from youtube that was recorded back in 2016. Funny thing was, I was told where to find this in a dream related to one of the items from my collection.

The Entity

This picture was taken on a ghost hunt at an unnamed location by request of the owner of the property

"Demon in the Mist"


A brass urn I found... with occupant! Yep, going into the collection.

The Tutwiler Hotel

Birmingham, AI

Thermal image of the drawer that kept opening in my room with the heat signature on the edge of the front of the door. Looks like a child's palm and a thumb print!

Pictures from Liz's daughters room of the shadow of which visited several times during the night.

This camera was set to take one picture when motion was detected

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